touchdown lima peru

Not a bad flight down. 7 hours. all the flights out west have built up my immunity to flights. i think we are going to have a great team. stuart neil from calgary will be our anesthesia. three plastic surgeon; myself, fog arty, and gary fudem from umass, a crna, alice lorenz. and 2 pacu nurses.
good laughs thus far and a really smooth customs adventure. tired as hell though and we have clinic today!!
will update with some photo when i get a chance and figure it out on the ipad.

we are off!

so we are off and got through checkin pretty easily. imagine traveling with 9 people and 18 bags! each bag was around 50lb as well. had to do some shifting around but got through. will update with some picts of the journey down.

Please look at the previous blog i did on our surgical mission trip to pignon haiti in 09. GReat pictures and some video as well. check it at

Preparing for Tacna 2011

Getting ready to head to Tacna, Peru for a Reconstruction Mission with InterplastWV.

Check out this link to Wikipedia on Tacna.

Or my favorite way to learn about a country… through the CIA.

So InterplastWV is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by David Fogarty, M.D. Dave trained at Stanford where developing world surgery was founded by Don Laub a plastic surgeon. Being a true non-conformist Dave formed his own group that was locally formed, funded, and managed. I think Dave total number of trips abroad is something like 98 or 99. Truly and amazing number. And he has been everywhere, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Nepal, And all over Africa. Dave has an amazing group of friends and benefactors who make all of this happen.

The goal of InterplastWV is to provide free reconstructive surgery to those in need who live in the developing world. Our typical surgeries include cleft lip/palate, burns and hand reconstruction.

I am just a small cog in the wheel that is interplastwv. I show up and operate and perform really none of the difficult background work that makes it all happen. That would fall on Lucy and Darlene. I did commision and lead design the logo but of course outsourced that to Pikewood Creative.

WARNING: Commercial Plug. Pikewood Creative was extremily generous in providing a logo for the organization. If you have need of Video, Web, Print, or other design related work please use Pikewood.